The results are in, and I have been diagnosed with having two MTHFR mutations, one from my mother, and one from my father. Although this answers a lot for me, it also opens up a whole new world of questions as well, and I hope that my doctor will be able to help me to understand this information as much as possible.

Just because I have these two genetic mutations from my mother and father, does it mean they are expressing? How can I help to prevent them from expressing, rather than being on expensive supplements for the rest of my life? These are some of the questions I am going to dive into while doing the first line of treatment my doctor has recommended to me.



4 X IV Glutathione with Vitamin C + Zinc: Each IV is going to cost me around $235 dollars, so unfortunately at this stage I will only be able to report back on the effects of having one each month for four months. This is meant to be a kick-start to my liver, as the supplements may take a couple of months to work.

Same-e to help me break down the high levels of histamine in my blood

Morning and Evening Compounded Supplements:

Due to my special needs and deficiencies I am having certain nutrients put into a personalised supplement. These supplements are extremely expensive, and will cost me a total of almost $380 every three months, so I would love to try and find alternatives to being on these for the rest of my life to feel balanced.

The Morning Supplement Includes:

Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, P5P, Vitamin E, Biotin, B12, Vitamin A, Selenium, Vitamin D3, B5, B1, B2

The Evening Supplement Includes:

VitaminC, Zinc, Vitamin E, Biotin


3 X Infrared Saunas a week for three weeks

I’m also worried about my low silicone, phosphorus and sulphur levels as diagnosed by the Oligo Scan, however the doctor didn’t mention anything about supplementing for these. When I brought up what I could do for my depression, fatigue, and gut health, she mentioned that with this kind of support everything should fix itself, and my body will have less reactions to food and be able to produce more serotonin. Although I think my gut probably needs more attention, and I probably should supplement with sulphur as its an important detox pathway for heavy metals, I am going to stick with her advice for now and see how I feel in one month.

The IV Glutathione should really get a lot of old toxins out of the body and speed things up for me, I will report on how I feel after.

Ultimately, the goal of my writings, and my health journey, would be to try and discover how to live optimally, and freely with little need for supplements or expensive support. Is there a mechanism that gets even closer to the root than knowing about a genetic defect? I guess the root question would be, can I stop this gene from expressing? What triggers it’s expression, and how can I protect myself.

Please share with me all your journeys with MTHFR, and get in contact with me if you have any particular questions or want more information.



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