After conducting my own research into possible issues for mood and energy related issues attributed to those that under methylate, I noticed something interesting that has to do with histamine levels in the blood.

When histamine is under methylated in the system, it begins to build up in the blood. The excess can be stored in white blood cells as well as in the brain. Naturally This build up of histamine causes inflammation in the body, and damages neurons in the brain, leading to lower levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Excess histamine is probably triggered by environmental factors and food, and after discovering what works and what doesn’t through an elimination diet, I ended up avoiding foods that create histamine along time ago, as they often cause symptoms such as lowered mood, stinging throat and tongue, tiredness and discomfort. I have always had allergic and sinus issues since being a kid, and itchy eyes as well, therefore it makes sense that I could possibly have high levels of histamine in the blood due to genetics.

To have optimal health, I’m going to have to find a way to keep histamine levels down.

There are a few ways I can do this;

  1. Avoiding histamine producing foods (Although nobody is perfect right?)
  2. Take anti-histamines every day (Or every now and then, to prevent it from building up)
  3. Take a natural form of anti-histamine such as ginger to keep levels down.
  4. If under methylating, take supplements to to help the process, helping the histamine to clear from the system.

As I know I have felt relieved in the past, I decided to run a little 7 day experiment with anti-histamines to note how it affected me.

What I discovered

Unfortunately, I couldn’t conclude any major differences, however I did notice more mental clarity, and that I was getting more work done.

My moods have been quite up and down, but seemed to be more stable during this time. However, this isn’t enough evidence for anything really working, as I do sometimes feel normal and stable for up to seven days at the time.

I was noticing that I felt a little dehydrated, and I was going to the toilet a lot more. This is one of the drawbacks of the medicine I guess.

What’s my intuition?

I think the anti-histamines really helped me, and I have decided to go ahead and keep myself on more natural, albeit more expensive variations. I will await my blood histamine level results though, and keep my anti-histamines handy if I begin to feel the brain-fog re-emerge



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