For years I have managed to be my own personal healer.

I have spent hundreds of hours not only reading innovative experts in the medical field, but listening to them speak as well, trying to get a better understanding of what might be going on with me biologically. By using my reasoning to deduce likely scenarios and following appropriate diet and lifestyle, I have been able to ward off the deeper depression, emotional, mental and physical fatigue, as well as the manic mood swings that plagued my younger years.

A lot of the things that have helped me along the way:

  • Learning to let myself rest and recover: I like to get a lot of things done, and it’s hard to resign to the fact I might need more rest than most people (without knowing why), even though I am actively trying to solve this. For years I dealt with the feelings of lack (mostly caused by fatigue) by doing more, studying, working two jobs and trying to do as much as I could, only to break down and hurt myself and those around me.
  • Taking it slow: I have so many ideas, dreams and visions, but I have to support myself first.
  • Meditation: Although this isn’t a magic cure, it helps to soothe my emotions and gives me more awareness of my brain and mental state. It’s not a one stop destination to help with fatigue, but taking quiet time away from stimulation can really help give the adrenals time to restore.
  • Removing as many histamines from the diet as possible: through the Bullet-proof diet, I learnt that vegetables have defence mechanisms. After cutting out nightshades from my diet, as well as gluten and dairy, I noticed a massive difference. I also notice the fatigue, emotional mood swings, and brain fog that ensue after eating these foods, as well as some downright physical responses such as itchy eyes and runny nose.
  • Exercising: but I also have overdone it on this one.
  • Avoiding sugar: sadly, this is becoming much more of a “must” to stay stable than a “should”.
  • Eating more fat: this helps my brain immensely and keeps my energy more stable

Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way, and I am unable to stick to these guidelines I have discovered support me, however, straying too much from this path has resulted in a breakdown more than once.

What I have really come to terms with is that telling myself “It’s all in your head” doesn’t make it go away.

I like to take responsibility for everything in my life, it’s part of building awareness, being mindful, and trying to take ownership. I have tried to meditate these things away, I have pushed myself, I have tried to eat whatever I wanted, I have ignored it, I have told myself that I can heal myself from within and that I will do fine without all my rules.

It didn’t work.

Numerous times I ended up running myself into the ground, and feeling angry at myself, and those around me for their lack of support or understanding.

The wisdom of my accumulating years has taught me not to listen to anyone else, and not to seek approval from them to help me validate what I already know within my heart.  No-one knows what it’s like to be me, all they can do is offer advice in the best way they know how, by helping me to worry less and live more.

I had my first round of tests done with the NIIM to get a closer look at what’s going on with me the other day.

I’m having to break my tests up into 2 weekly pay cycles to be able to afford investigating, one of the main reasons why I put of having the tests I knew might give me some answers for a number of years.

The Live Blood Analysis is fascinating, honestly, if I didn’t find myself getting exhausted so quickly, I’d probably want to be a Doctor. Maybe that’s something I can do one day when I feel stronger.

This test consisted of a small prick to the finger, while the Naturopath gently gathered the blood and applied it to a slide to be viewed under the microscope.

Once the slide had been inserted, we both took a look at my cells on the screen. I’ve had this done before, and it was just as beautiful this time. To see all my cells swimming around trying to support me really makes me feel that my body is on my side, even if my immune system is getting confused along the way, and things are running a bit slowly.

Conclusions drawn by the Naturopath confirm the possibility of being an Under Methylator, however I will have to wait till I see the doctor after all my tests in four weeks to confirm.

  • Liver function is down, for some reason my liver is having trouble getting toxins out of my body, yet there is no sign of the liver being “stressed”.
    • Possible solution is to take liposomal Glutathione, however I will have to wait to see what the doctor suggests.
  • Dehydration. This correlates to how I have been feeling lately, no matter how much I drink, I seem to remain thirsty, I’m also peeing all of the water out. Her recommendation was trying to drink more coconut water for hydration. Although I am slightly concerned about the sugar content being on a higher fat diet, I will try eating less fruit and having coconut water before I go to bed at night.
  • Spleen issues (Although we aren’t quite sure what)
  • Leaky gut issues (I knew this would show up due to my numerous food intolerances)

After that, I had my first Oligo Scan, a new test which can sense mineral excesses and deficiencies, as well as heavy metal intoxication. I have decided to publically post my results below.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 6.25.48 pmAs you can see above, I am deficient in Magnesium (which is quite common), Phosphorus, Silicone and Sulphur. Some of the other levels are okay, but not exactly optimal

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 6.26.00 pm

Apparently, the lack of detoxification of the heavy metals in my body could be due to under methylation issues. Either way, my liver is slow and needing some possible support in getting rid of the heavy metals which could be causing mood and mental issues. The deficiency of sulphur could also be a cause for the lack of elimination in the liver.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 6.26.11 pm

From this visit, I have decided to try and get on a course of anti-histamines for seven days to test if my symptoms get better. Since the Naturopath confirmed that she felt my results helped to support the conclusion I am an under methylator, I could possbily produce too much histamine, which blocks detoxification and gets lodged in the brain. Unfortunately, the most common foods with sulphur in them include garlic and onion, which I am reactive too.

For now I am going to continue supporting my liver as much as possible, while minimising all toxin intake, I will start a course of antihistamines for 7 days to report back how I feel before going to get my next set of blood tests.




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