Today I’m going to write about one of the ways you can use meditation to help give your adrenals a break, interrupting the fight or flight response and allowing your adrenals to reset and restore.

I often suffer with signs of low adrenal energy, ranging from depression, brain-fog, constant thirst, and going to the toilet too frequently.

Although I’m not yet sure what mechanisms are working to cause this stress to my kidney and adrenals, and am actively searching for answers, I know that we live in a world where we are constantly stimulated.

The need to have our mind constantly fixated on something such as television shows, video games, work, phones, talking, music and podcasts, is a draining addiction. Stimulation of all kinds are taxing and require energy from the body.

The relaxation affect that comes from meditation can train your central nervous system to go back into rest and digest mode, this is where we heal, assimilate nutrients and allow our adrenals to take a break. Closing your eyes in a quiet place puts you in a position where you can take a break from the constant input of data your brain has to process and sort.

Nothing is going to work well if it is constantly on overdrive, your brain overheats, just like our cars and machines.

The long-term benefits of meditation help you to cultivate mindfulness and awareness, meaning that it will become easier to stay calm and alleviate stress in most situations, which will have a beneficially cumulative affect on the adrenals and kidney’s long term. You will more easily catch and dissolve your states of anger, envy, and stress when you cultivate awareness and mindfulness, this burns through less energy in the first place, a much better alternative to healing from nervous and tense energy.

Ideally we should take a short break to meditate whenever we are feeling tired, stressed, or unfocused. Take short breaks to meditate throughout the day if you are feeling your mind burn-out. I usually take three breaks, two separate Pranayama sessions, which I will talk more about later, and one session of meditation.



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