This is something I was not so unfamiliar with, because I’ve heard about this gene before on numerous podcasts discussing the symptoms and negative impacts of methylation issues on a person, I always found the topic fascinating. The field of genetic based medicine is a amazing and horrifying one at the same time, especially when thinking about a dystopian future of genetically elite humans, marginalising parts of the population without access to the privileged of self-modification.

However, leaving that aside for the moment, after my recent bout of depression, with the help of my family, I came to the conclusion it was time to do something about my health. I’ve gotten so good at managing extended low mood’s and keeping them a secret from everybody. The cycles of my life have helped me come to the realisation that these moods aren’t so devastating, especially when the usual outcome is the return of my full-self, happy mood, and healthy mind. But when I haven’t felt myself for an extended period of time, I know it’s time to do something. To take better care of myself.

It’s time to start up my quest for the health I desire, and know I am capable of. This requires finding out more about my biology (hardware) to help me understand how to upgrade it to run my complicated software run. I refuse to be stuck inside of a system where I can’t function to my optimum.

I decided to reach out and get the help of a local doctor at the NIIM – National Institute for Integrative Medicine at the Gold Coast.  Dr. Shirley seemed to have qualifications that I admired, and covered a very large basis issues such as: fatigue, depression, anxiety, food intolerances and thyroid issues.

After hearing about my history and symptoms, Dr Shirley told me it seemed I could have a very common genetic mutation of my MTHFR Gene, in particular, she believes I undermethylate.

Methylation has to do with many critical functions in the body, such as thinking, repairing DNA, turning genes on and off, and getting ride of toxins.

If you have any of these symptoms, it might be worth getting this genetic test:

  1. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  2. Perfectionism
  3. High accomplishment
  4. Social Isolation
  5. Addictive tendencies
  6. phobias
  7. Seasonal Allergies
  8. SAD
  9. Good response to antihistamines
  10. Strong Willed
  11. Self-motivated (especially in school years)
  12. Frequent headaches
  13. Thought disorders
  14. Poor concentration and Endurance
  15. Low serotonin
  16. High histamine levels
  17. High Basophil Count

A lot of these symptoms ring true for me. Knowing the outcome of this test will help me take some power  back in my life and help me to control my environment and diet to be one that better supports me. I am looking forward to researching this and sharing my findings and results with you all.

From initial  reading on the internet, there doesn’t seem to be too much one can do for this gene mutation at the moment, other than to take some supportive supplements, and to avoid certain foods and toxins as they are cleared slower than most people.



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