Hey, did you understand any of that crap she wrote the other day?

Awareness is the key to solving all your problems? What does all this mean?

Who is Francesca anyway? She thinks she’s got it all figured out. Now she is trying to tell you that all your problems come from a lack of awareness. Maybe she is even trying to say that most negative events in your life are within your own control? She is trying to judge you with her ‘spiritual ways’? How on earth does she know how bad my life has been, she’s just lucky she has reached a more stable place in her life, some of us have kids and mortgages you know! Sure, maybe there is some sort of way to feel peace and and ‘flow’ in your life, but that’s just for people with no jobs who can meditate in mountains with monks. Is there really any hope for you?

Welcome, I’m your ego, or whatever other fancy name these New-Agers have come up with. But to keep it simple, I’m just going to appear in these writings as your ‘Sense of Self’ we can call it SOS for short. I’m going to be the written words of the equivalent to that negative, defensive, and resistant voice in your head as Francesca tries to help you free your mind. And what is my contribution going to add? It’s going to show you what its like to live on this side, you know, the normal and easy side with all the other realist’s that you have to deal with in the wide world. I want to show you what it’s like to keep a secure SOS intact, a wonderful security and belief in the thoughts of your own mind, and a slight anger and hurt towards the world for causing you to suffer.

I’m here to make you see, life is hard in the modern world, and is out to get you. I want to show you that there is sense in protecting yourself, rather than focusing on ways to improve your awareness, and therefore your life. Life’s tough, we can’t control it, we just gotta deal with it. There are children, bills, cars, houses, expenses, deaths, breakups, illness and disease, I’m not going to roll over and feel ‘calm and collected’ about all that!

So she cured her depression, and addictions and negative situations in her life with more awareness. What does that even mean?

What on earth is the point to ‘seeing my own sabotage’ or ‘self-destructive ways’, the world is just going to get me anyway. I’m just paying it back with what it’s given to me.




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