‘What do you mean awareness is the key?’

I mean, that your awareness is the answer to pretty much all your problems. Underneath all your ‘rules’ ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’ about society, you are a pretty amazing part of consciousness that knows how to ‘Auto-correct’ and adapt to new concepts, ideas, and systems when they are actually in your best interest to adopt.What’s more, you are a flexible system of energy that doesn’t naturally  ‘cling’ or ‘attach’ to concepts, your parents and society taught you that shit system. Naturally, you were designed to continue to upgrade your level of awareness and happiness as you grow and understand more about yourself, leading to a light, fun, creative and powerful way of being.

This is a website all about awareness, and how to level it up. It’s the result of an 8 year journey that has lead me to a complete 180 turnaround in my life. For the better.

We’re going to discover everything we can do to bring more awareness  in our life. Through personal experience, discovery, and the complete turnaround of my life that seemed hopeless and lost 8 years ago, I have discovered techniques and principles to help you grow your most beneficial asset, your awareness. We are going to cover cultural, societal and personal bullshit instructions passed down for generations that has trapped your awareness in a cage of limitations, dissolution, and downright stupidity.

But mostly, we are going to talk about freedom, the freedom that comes to you when you are no longer creating your own pain and suffering in your life. We are going to talk about the clarity, strength, and the power that you have behind your messed up way of relating to the world.

‘What do you know anyway?’

In fact I know nothing. It is the fact that I understand this fundamental concept that you can trust me to guide you to a better life, relationships, and choices.

I was one pretty stupid girl eight years ago, from drugs, to parties, to stupid choices, bad relationships and a never ending stream of unfortunate events all created by a lack of awareness and understanding of myself, and those around me. But did I see that my I was actually the cause of most of my issues? NO WAY! Did I start to dramatically improve when I leveled up my awareness? HELL YES! I have come a long way in eight years, and there is no reason why you can’t either.

But what’s even better?I haven’t stopped learning, and I never will. The methods I have used to transform myself and my life continue to work, helping me to grow, uncovering other useless programming that gets in the way of my desires, hopes, and dreams for myself and the world.

I’m going to teach you, and guide you through simple, effective and safe strategies to clearing out the garbage from your life and your mind, 1% at a time. That doesn’t sound too difficult does it? I’m going to do this as clearly, and concisely as I possibly can, without getting to involved in any crazy spirituality that might obscure our clarity.

It all comes back again to yep, awareness, and learning how to level up that awareness as quickly as possible, so you can see your life and relationships with clarity. Dissolving the child-like and immature emotional triggers that cause you to repeat the same mistakes over and over again (Can we just get out of here already!)

If you are like most of the people out there, (including myself). You are trapped in a cycle of detrimental mistakes that accumulate into one giant mess due to your perception of yourself and the world.

Sounds a bit crazy?

Science has shown us that there are proven strategies such as meditation, that lead to personal happiness, fulfillment and self-mastery.

I’m designing this blog to help lead you to your own realisations about how you are screwing up. This sounds scary, but once you get over your wounded pride, you will be pleased and happy to notice and dissolve every little way in which you are holding yourself back. At least showing you how to gain the level of consciousness needed to get you out of a tight, dark and sticky spot that most of us poor schmucks stay stuck in for far too long.

This blog is going to cover:

  • How you can start to see your own creativity working for your benefit, or to your detriment
  • Using meditation, and pranayama mindfully to grow that awareness and uncover the dark shit holding you back
  • Discuss arising of emotions, mental patterns, and limitations, helping you to clear them as you notice them  using EFT and THE WORK by Byron Katie
  • Teach you what to look out for on your journey
  • Help you understand how your intuition and ‘Auto-Correct’ system is present internally, and ultimately knows the perfect time, information, and path for you on your journey. Eventually you can stop listening to everyone else, and trust in your own way.
  • How you can create choice in your life by choosing how to think, behave, and what your attract
  • Reveal my own story and journey of discovery
  • Keep you updated with how my awareness levels up as I move through life
  • Interact with you, and answer your questions about creating an awareness practice in your life
  • Inspire you to take the path less traveled to your inner inquiry, by showing you how lack of awareness is the root of all your suffering





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